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Dr Natalie Miller


Dr Natalie Miller

Hello there, I’m Dr. Natalie Miller, a Medical and Aesthetic Dermatologist based in London.

I am GMC registered with international qualifications and over 20 years diverse experiences across Europe and Asia. Following my graduation from medical school in Thailand in 1998, I initially trained in General Surgery for two years before discovering my passion for Dermatology.

After completing my Dermatology studies at King’s College London, I served as a Dermatologist in the NHS in London until 2011. During my tenure, I specialised in both common and rare skin diseases, with a focus on inflammatory conditions such as Acne. I conducted regular Acne and Roaccutane Clinics, and Psoriasis also became a special interest, leading to the establishment of Biologics Clinics.

In 2011, I relocated to Hong Kong, where I worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Dermatology Research Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Subsequently, I joined the Raffle International Hospital in Beijing as a Dermatologist, specialising in skin cancer screening and surgery for international patients.

During this period and before returning to London, I also practiced as an Aesthetics Dermatologist in Thailand, specialising in non-surgical aesthetic and cutaneous laser surgery. My expertise extended to various Anti-Aging and scientifically proven procedures for skin lifting and tightening.

As an individual of Asian origin with a sensitive skin type, I have a particular understanding and passion for treating diverse skin tones. I’ve personally experienced various abnormal skin pigmentation conditions, including sun-damaged skin and the challenging dermatological condition, Melasma.

In my late 40s, approaching 50, I’ve developed special interests in regenerative medicine, menopause management, and hair loss treatments. My personal journey through these conditions has driven me to continually expand my knowledge. I am dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, well-being, and confidence of both myself and my patients through successful treatments.

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Our dermatology clinic cares for common and rare skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes problems. We provide care in medical and aesthetic dermatology. 

Dr Miller understands how uncomfortable and disheartening it can be to experience skin problems. With every patient, she puts their well-being at the forefront of her practice while guiding them towards a smooth, effortless journey to achieving desirable healthy skin. 

Let’s start the journey for your transformation with Dr Miller!


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