Laser Hair Removal

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In the 20th century, hair removal became an increasingly common practice for women to stay on trend with societal values and religious beliefs or just maintain good hygiene. Yet, in recent years, males have taken more strides towards improving their overall presentation, which has progressed from traditional shaving and waxing techniques to modern treatments that […]

Laser Rejuvenation

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For over 50 years, lasers have been in use, not only for the treatment of pigmentation, vascular lesions, veins, redness, acne, sun damage and removal of unwanted hair but also for skin laxity, lines and wrinkles. Laser and light devices have the ability to resurface, rejuvenate as well as stimulate collagen production. Laser Skin Rejuvenation […]

Laser for Pigmentation

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Pigmentation is the presence of excess melanin on the skin produced by melanocytes, which are cells producing and containing melanin. These typically occur under the skin resulting in an uneven skin tone and skin pigmentation marks, dark spots or patches on the skin. The most common misconception associated with discoloured skin is that it will […]

Laser for Scars

Laser Scar Treatments

Living with scars can be difficult. A scar can change how you think about and see yourself, but it can also affect your life more considerably. Scars are complex; some can even limit your motion.  For optimal results and safety, the clinician needs to understand both your medical history and the type of scar you […]


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Vascular skin problems are issues that impact the blood vessels under your skin, causing issues such as cherry angioma, broken capillaries, thread veins, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, birthmarks or port wine stains, couperose skin and rosacea, Poikiloderma of Civatte, a venous lake of the lip, early scars and warts. Vascular laser treatment (or thermocoagulation or photosclerosis) is […]